Burn 2 is coming! YAY!

Haven't posted anything here in a long while. Well, too many happenings inworld have kept me busy. But the ones following my art have probably seen my latest exhibitions.
For instance at my Main Gallery or maybe at the all new location of SLACC or Tiatopia  (which are both on the SL-Destination Guide now) or my small shows at Park Galleries or Gualdo.

New RL-Pictures

I have decided to also show a couple of my rl-picture sets. I will talk about these later on. Just this much: A small selection of pictures from the Hawaiian Islands of Kauai and Molokai can presently (Sept./Oct.) be seen at the A.R.T. Gallery at New Boston. Please pay the show a little visit as with Autopilotpaddy Poopy and Mary Rosebud two other great artistshave their work on display.

And now off to BURN2

Now...not trying to be overly excited...but then I am. The new Burn 2 Festival is approaching and the Aeonia Arts Group is part of it!
As regulations go, I cannot and will not tell you much about it. Just this little bit: Aeonia Arts Group has won a Theme Camp and aditionally has 5 plots under it's control. So we are going big. All six plots will be running within the same theme which we have developed over the past weeks. On the left side you can see a picture of Ally Aeon and me exploring the (still empty) plots that we got.
BURN 2 is going to be a great experience for all of us, as we have never pulled off something this big as a group - not even with our haiti-fundraiser at the start of the year.
So definitely mark October 16 through 25 in your calendars and go to http://www.burn2.org/ for more information.
In the mean time visit us at Aeonia where there is always plenty of great art to be seen.
BTW: Aeonia Artist Group besides me and Ally is: Penelope Parx, Pete Jiminy, Nik Gandt, Miki Bizet, lala Lightfoot, Visceral Dreamscape plus a growing number of Guest Artists that pay us a visit and work with us.