Finally: Mont St. Michel!

Do you have this place in SL you heard so much about, really wanted to visited, but were too busy to tp there? Mont St. Michel was one of those to me, until today. I ran across a pick in someone's profile and knew, my visit there was long overdue. I knew from so many pictures that it was recreated down to many details. Yet, I would never have imagined to what extent! To stroll through those narrow alleys and visit this tiny little café was a thrill. This sim would really be too perfect, if not for this unexpected twist. This french city has been taken by the japanese! Don't believe it? Go experience it yourself.


Be A Part Of Art

Why ramble about something, that's already getting alot of buzz? Well maybe because it deserves every word more spoken about it. That's why I'm going to talk about the Art Box. Violet Sweetwater and Frankie Rockett let you experience art in a special way. Ever wanted to be one of the guys lunching on a skyscraper just being built in New York (Charles C. Ebberts), actually be the 50-Feet-Woman attacking the city traffic (Nathan Juran), cross the arched bridge with those people (Katsusika Hokusai), walk on the high-wire between skyscrapers (Philippe Petit), cross Abbey Road with the Beatles (Ian McMillan) or just be Marge Simpson in front of the famous couch with her family? Here you can. Enter the Holodeck and be part of a masterpiece. I did my own little deconstruction of Petit's famous piece.

Read all about the fantastic project here: http://artbox.advancedvirtual.com/

And make sure to visit the sim: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Klaw/28/20/46


An Afternoon At Aeonia Arts

I am not always amused by group-invites from strangers. But today was different. On login I had an invite waiting for me from one Ally Aeon - a woman I was sure I had never heard of. Turns out later that I had visited one of her galleries in the past. Even before meeting up with her, though, I blindly entered the group. And by now I'm glad I did. Right after that I visited her sim called Aeonia Arts (link below). And I was blown away! It might look like just another Nature Park in SL for the first second. When you start exploring it, though, you will find a world of little themed areas which will each trigger a special set of feelings. The blend of sights and sounds are so natural and yet precisely crafted. But there is more to this lady than just being an awesome grid-artist. She also makes room for others to bloom and blossom, sharing the sim with them to display their work.

Check out those profiles

One of the greatest things on Second Life are profiles. I like people who have the decency of telling me a bit about themselves - which makes it easier to connect even before you speak to them. It's also a great way to find new and interesting places screening their picks. Through one of those screenings I discovered the works of Hylee Bekkers. I visited her park today, which caught my eye for the great love to detail she invested. But what impressed me most, was her time-machine. Watch out, that you don't get transferred to the wrong century. But you will have to hurry. She says, she has the tendency to tear down whatever she builds after a short while - to free up prims for new projects.
Oh, if you wonder who the wobble in the picture is: I was wearing my undercover-avatar.
Visit Hylee's Ptarmigan Park at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Orbitalis/85/118/35 .

A Night At Zombie City

[xx:01] Zombie bites Moeuhane Sandalwood
[xx:04] Zombie bites Moeuhane Sandalwood

I didn't really know that side of me...but as it turns out I would probably make a decent war photographer. Usually I love to spend my time in quiet places - taking a lot of time in finding the right spot, angle and lighting for that awesome shot. Yet, there something in running from evil zombies and angry guard dogs while capturing those heros trying to clean the streets of these deadly creatures. You will - for sure - find some of these bloody pictures at my gallery sometime soon.

Zombie-infested Leros City can be found at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Leros/112/227/47

It's a start!

I have thought about entering the blog-world for a long time. There's so much blurp out there and I was't sure, I was going to add my own to it. But as my photography-venture is getting broader and I get to meet so many wonderful creators, artists and builders out there - I decided to tell you a little about them and their creations. It's my little way of getting the news out there, about the dedication of these great people for making Second Life such a wonderful place. And then again, I might not be able to stop myself from rambling about some personal stuff. Bare with me, please. We'll just have to see, how and where it all goes. So for now: Take care and have fun exploring all those magnificent places in SL