Idus December - The Night of the Winter Creatures

I was very happy to be invited by sivi Kelberry and AKILAE Gandt to participate in the 4th Anniversary Celebration of 'LOST TOWN - LA CITTÁ PERDUTA' - together with Lilia Artis and Haveit Neox. Our discussion quickly went into the direction of how to fit our ideas into Rebecca Bashly's awesome ehibit 'Invisible People' which was the main attraction on the sim.

Walking Through The Art from Veyot on Vimeo.
We focussed on the opposite: the visible people. Those who take center stage, who take the limelight - taking it away from those that rest in the shadows. The title of the exhibit is 'Idus December - The Night of the Winter Creatures'.

We decided on a winter setting - and chose the palazzo at the town square. The main reason for the latter: It would be central and open enough for the visible people to really be visible - and covered up enough to not interfere too much with Rebecca's work.

While Lilia decided on a Winter Carnival of Animals and Haveit on the very visible nobles, I went with snowball fighting snowmen (and -women). I wanted them to be an image of those people that force themselves onto others by being a constant nuissance - trying to ruin other people's fun.

Not only did I create very angry snowpeople - I had them throw snowbricks instead of snowballs. Like those nasty kids most of us remember from our past, that tried to ruin every snowballfight, by picking up the dirty snow, or the really hard and icy stuff.

I really like the outcome of the collaborative work of Lilia, Haveit and me. Even though we have done work together, it can never be taken for granted that three artists - all in their own style and capacity - are able to do something that corresponds well and has a common message - especially if we also have to work on different timezones and RL-schedules. I am very glad that it worked out so well - and am very thankful for having such wonderful collaborators.

There is still time to see the work in Second Life. The link to the wonderful 'Lost Town'-sim is here.  If it takes you to the central landing point - just look for the town square with the caroussel in it. The palazzo has a big entrance - through which you can see the Winter Creatures

Thanks to Veyot our work has been preserved in the internet - in this wonderful machinina. Love it!


"The Machine" @ LEA6 with Lilia Artis

Lilia Artis and I were quite surprised back in spring when Jayjay Zinfanwe and Bryn Oh announced that we would be among the artists chosen to exhibit in the 2013 round of the LEA Full Sim Art Series. And here it is: 'The Machine' @ LEA6 - a collaborative work by Lilia Artis and Moeuhane Sandalwood:

“We have solved all our problems. Thanks to our ingenuity.
    We have cured all illnesses. Thanks to our technical savvy.
    We have cheated death. Thanks to our code.
    We invented the machine.
    The only thing left to do:
    Keep the machine running that keeps us running.”
We had a lot of time to develop our project - but due to real life only a very short to actually build it in the end. And because we didn't have a sim available to build it, we had to do it in parts - level by level. For that it appears to have turned out quite well - and was well recieved among visitors and bloggers.
Time flies, and in just one week the whole thing will disappear again. So if you haven't seen it yet - here is the Slurl!
We do not have much time to document the piece anymore either. Fortunately Lilia's good friend and famed SL-artist Haveit Neox stepped up and made this wonderful machinima-teaser about the Show. I also took a few pictures for my Flickr-page.

 History told backwards

The story of 'The Machine' is quite complex. Our intent was to present the history of a society in a far away future. We decided to tell the story of that society backwards. Which means the visitor takes up the role of an archaeologist or ethnologist. On his or her journey down through the 4 levels he or she discovers more and more of the history of the mysterious society.
Our installation is basically a game of search and discovery. Like if you were an archaeologist discovering the city of Troy. The visitor is basically part of one big historic novel.
The artistic twist in our 'Troy' is the paradox that the 'futuristic' people don't care at all about their past, yet integrated their whole history fully into their 'machine'.
We worked with colors and lights to underline that paradox.

We painted the present and the early past of that society in bright colors. It could depict their view of this fantastic future - or maybe be a lure for the people to give up their lives, bodies and free will to technology.
In the lower levels - the darkness and shadows underline the problematic nature of their 'progress'.
We gave the world this monumental feeling. Every level is grand and vast. It should represent the complexity of this society, the enormous amount of achievement through technology - and also, subsequently the enormous amount of (sociological) failure.
Because in the end the visitor will discover that the 'perfection' of that people was achieved at a very high price. They ruined the environment - and took the free will of the people. Their 'perfect' society - that is depicted on the top level in such delicate and ethereal colors - in fact bases on a fascist regime.

What exactly is 'perfection'?

Here's the original text from our notecard:  The creatures have created a perfectly functioning world. They live in the ever present. As a sound community. With joined minds and spirits. Interconnected. Completely. They run the machine – and are run by the machine. They are the machine. The peak of innovation. The end of evolution. Their creation.
They are a society without memory. Their history a mere shadow. Because there is no need to remember. Why remember what is of no value. They are perfect.
   What if a society sets progress through technology as their top priority? Perfection above everything else?
   In 'The Machine' by Lilia Artis and Moeuhane Sandalwood visitors are greeted by a possible result of that strife for perfection. An ethereal world that comes alive through the extensive power of the joined minds of its inhabitants.
   The visitors are subsequently invited to pull out their inner archeologist and ethnologist. And go on an exploratory trip down through several sublevels of history. To unearth the secret behind that seemingly perfect world.

   Because: What we see on the top floor is just a blink of an eye. It is a depiction of the everyday life of a people in a distant future.
   Even though that population on the top level does not seem to care about their past, it still remains integrated into their 'machine' – hidden in the lower levels. The encumbrance of the past might one day reappear to haunt them. It might just become a burden on their next generation – once it breaks through the floors of time.
   How to visit the installation: On every 'generation’s' level there is a spot where a former generation found its way to the new level. Sometimes it’s a bit hidden, because nobody used it anymore for decades or even centuries. Look for stairs, elevators, holes in the ground, etc.

Blogger's oppinions on 'The Machine'

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Opening of "House of Memories" - Friday, August 16, 2pm SLT

Moe Sandalwood "The Shadow of a Nightmare past"
Maaaaaaaaaaan. I have not used this blog in ages. I was to busy inworld with my installations and shows to blog about them.
It is high time then to talk about my newest venture: "House of Memories" on Artwood Ground (Space 4 Art Sim). Which opens on Friday, August 16, at 2pm SLT. Here's the Landmark: Space 4 Art, Artwood Grounds
The opening will be preceded by the winner announcement of the 'Black'n'White'-art contest and the opening of the next rooftop exhibit of artist Andy Burroughs at Asmita Duranjaya's Gallery.

"My" is a big word in this. This show is for one thing a collaborative effort of Lilia Artis, Almut Brunswick, Haveit Neox and yours truly. And it is part of the sim basis installation series that the owners of Space 4 Art (Lilia Artis, Asmita Duranjaya, ChapTer Kronfeld and I) organize, build and sponsor.
Asmita and ChapTer were fast this time around and already opened their half of the sim last month. With the two spectacular and extremely noteworthy installations "Shipwrecked - DirectionHome" (Asmita) and "Purgatory" (ChapTer). If you haven't seen them - you must! 
Haveit NeoxNow it is the turn of Lilia and I. We invited Almut Brunswick, a new artist on the grid, and the well-known and appreciated Haveit Neox to join forces with us.What came out of it is the immersive and partly interactive installation "House of Memories.
The story: "The only way back in life is paved by memories", writes Almut Brunswick. Together with Lilia Artis, Haveit Neox and Moeuhane Sandalwood she went on this backtrack, to revive memories of a distant or recent past. The challenge the four artists set themselves was to dig deep into their individual experiences and come up with their very own section of "The House of Memories".
Although the installation is much more a stretched landscape than a building, the "House" is the common theme taken up and transformed by each artist in his or her section of Artwood Grounds. Be it colorful, in retro-style, somber or in screeching blackboard-chalk, the four artists created intriguing installations along the tracks of the memory-train.

In "Tracks of Life" Almut Brunswick takes us on a journey through our past - with "crossings and detours, easy cruising and burdensome passages". Lilia Artis depicts the constant flow of memories that build up through a lifetime in "The Past is not Past is not Past...". Haveit Neox has made the mud domes of his childhood playground accessible for spectators in "the backyard". And Moeuhane Sandalwood lets us relive the chills of "The Shadow of a Nightmare past". (see individual notecards at the end).
Almut Brunswick

The exhibits are immersive and some are interactive - so make sure to walk instead of fly - and to enter and touch instead of just cam. The setting is provided by Lilia Artis (groundtextures, terraforming) and me (terraforming). Almut Brunswick connected the four individual installations with a memory-train - which she built (including all stations) and scripted. Please set Windlight to "ShadowSet".
Lilia Artis
 As I already said, "House of Memories" is part of a fullsim project by "Space 4 Art" resident artists Asmita Duranjaya, ChapTer Kronfeld, Lilia Artis and I. Every three months one of the residents gets to choose the four ground textures of the sim (this time it was Lilia's turn to create them). The others take them as a base and inspiration for a special exhibition. 
Again: Please visit also our neighbors' installations "Shipwrecking - DirectionHome" by Asmita Duranjaya and "Purgatory - Laeuterungsberg" by ChapTer Kronfeld which can also be accessed from the central landigpoint.

BTW: Sunset Quinell has written a very nice blogpost about our Show at her Brazilian blog. You can read it here (also in English, if you scroll down).