Opening of "House of Memories" - Friday, August 16, 2pm SLT

Moe Sandalwood "The Shadow of a Nightmare past"
Maaaaaaaaaaan. I have not used this blog in ages. I was to busy inworld with my installations and shows to blog about them.
It is high time then to talk about my newest venture: "House of Memories" on Artwood Ground (Space 4 Art Sim). Which opens on Friday, August 16, at 2pm SLT. Here's the Landmark: Space 4 Art, Artwood Grounds
The opening will be preceded by the winner announcement of the 'Black'n'White'-art contest and the opening of the next rooftop exhibit of artist Andy Burroughs at Asmita Duranjaya's Gallery.

"My" is a big word in this. This show is for one thing a collaborative effort of Lilia Artis, Almut Brunswick, Haveit Neox and yours truly. And it is part of the sim basis installation series that the owners of Space 4 Art (Lilia Artis, Asmita Duranjaya, ChapTer Kronfeld and I) organize, build and sponsor.
Asmita and ChapTer were fast this time around and already opened their half of the sim last month. With the two spectacular and extremely noteworthy installations "Shipwrecked - DirectionHome" (Asmita) and "Purgatory" (ChapTer). If you haven't seen them - you must! 
Haveit NeoxNow it is the turn of Lilia and I. We invited Almut Brunswick, a new artist on the grid, and the well-known and appreciated Haveit Neox to join forces with us.What came out of it is the immersive and partly interactive installation "House of Memories.
The story: "The only way back in life is paved by memories", writes Almut Brunswick. Together with Lilia Artis, Haveit Neox and Moeuhane Sandalwood she went on this backtrack, to revive memories of a distant or recent past. The challenge the four artists set themselves was to dig deep into their individual experiences and come up with their very own section of "The House of Memories".
Although the installation is much more a stretched landscape than a building, the "House" is the common theme taken up and transformed by each artist in his or her section of Artwood Grounds. Be it colorful, in retro-style, somber or in screeching blackboard-chalk, the four artists created intriguing installations along the tracks of the memory-train.

In "Tracks of Life" Almut Brunswick takes us on a journey through our past - with "crossings and detours, easy cruising and burdensome passages". Lilia Artis depicts the constant flow of memories that build up through a lifetime in "The Past is not Past is not Past...". Haveit Neox has made the mud domes of his childhood playground accessible for spectators in "the backyard". And Moeuhane Sandalwood lets us relive the chills of "The Shadow of a Nightmare past". (see individual notecards at the end).
Almut Brunswick

The exhibits are immersive and some are interactive - so make sure to walk instead of fly - and to enter and touch instead of just cam. The setting is provided by Lilia Artis (groundtextures, terraforming) and me (terraforming). Almut Brunswick connected the four individual installations with a memory-train - which she built (including all stations) and scripted. Please set Windlight to "ShadowSet".
Lilia Artis
 As I already said, "House of Memories" is part of a fullsim project by "Space 4 Art" resident artists Asmita Duranjaya, ChapTer Kronfeld, Lilia Artis and I. Every three months one of the residents gets to choose the four ground textures of the sim (this time it was Lilia's turn to create them). The others take them as a base and inspiration for a special exhibition. 
Again: Please visit also our neighbors' installations "Shipwrecking - DirectionHome" by Asmita Duranjaya and "Purgatory - Laeuterungsberg" by ChapTer Kronfeld which can also be accessed from the central landigpoint.

BTW: Sunset Quinell has written a very nice blogpost about our Show at her Brazilian blog. You can read it here (also in English, if you scroll down).