The Burn2-project is well under way

Not much time left until the Burn2-Festival opens. October 16 is the big day. For all the artists and builders involved this is a extremely busy, but also fun and rewarding time. Aeonia Artist Group has - as I previously said - 5 plots and 1 theme camp to fill. And our project is well under way. All plots are coming to live - one of them even is close to completion.
Unfortunately I cannot show you any of the work we have done so far, due to burn2-regulations. But what I can show you is: Burners (as the people involved with the Burning Man are called) don't only work hard. They party hard, too. A big chunk of them took time off last night to come together to film the trailer-machinima for the Burn2-festival. And they were burning for sure! It's just an amazing bunch of hugely creative people coming together to create what has been - and hopefully will remain to be - one of Second Life's benchmark events. Expect to be amazed, when the doors of the two week long - open 24 hours a day - festival are opened. See robots, ants, crawlers, dancers, crazy vehicles, architechture, stories and lots and lots and lots of fire. And above all: be at some of the events running 24/7 at the four Burn-sims.

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