Second Life's 8th Birthay approaching - and I'm in!

We are just two days away from the start of the 8th Birthday Celebration of Second Life SL8B. The sims open on June 20, 10 am SLT. All in all 21 regions will show many aspects of Second Life. The past two weeks artists and builders have been busy setting up their plots for the viewers. And yours truly was among them.
To follow this year's theme "The Magic of Second Life" I decided on an installation named "The Magic of Second Life is: YOU!!!". As this title says, I tried to portray those who make Second Life what it really is: the Residents. Without them the grid would just be a bunch of servers that run a highly complex software. But, the residents are the ones who bring it all to life.
I don't want to give too many spoilers here. I will only say as much, that my build is full of little scenes, which will only come to life, if you step inside. So, if you visit my plot, don't just cam around. Go inside and take part in the magic world of Second Life. And on the way out, don't forget to take the t-shirts with you.
I had a lot of luck with placement this year around. My plot is on the Astonish-sim, right behind the Auditorium. You can easily find it, because it's the middle one of three installations on seaside, which are all held in the prime colors RGB and yellow.
Admittedly, there are fancier builds than mine. I tried to keep it simple and focused on the message. So i went with very basic texturing, forms and figurines.
It was a lot of fun building the installation - and I hope the visitors will enjoy it as much as I do.

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