Idus December - The Night of the Winter Creatures

I was very happy to be invited by sivi Kelberry and AKILAE Gandt to participate in the 4th Anniversary Celebration of 'LOST TOWN - LA CITTÁ PERDUTA' - together with Lilia Artis and Haveit Neox. Our discussion quickly went into the direction of how to fit our ideas into Rebecca Bashly's awesome ehibit 'Invisible People' which was the main attraction on the sim.

Walking Through The Art from Veyot on Vimeo.
We focussed on the opposite: the visible people. Those who take center stage, who take the limelight - taking it away from those that rest in the shadows. The title of the exhibit is 'Idus December - The Night of the Winter Creatures'.

We decided on a winter setting - and chose the palazzo at the town square. The main reason for the latter: It would be central and open enough for the visible people to really be visible - and covered up enough to not interfere too much with Rebecca's work.

While Lilia decided on a Winter Carnival of Animals and Haveit on the very visible nobles, I went with snowball fighting snowmen (and -women). I wanted them to be an image of those people that force themselves onto others by being a constant nuissance - trying to ruin other people's fun.

Not only did I create very angry snowpeople - I had them throw snowbricks instead of snowballs. Like those nasty kids most of us remember from our past, that tried to ruin every snowballfight, by picking up the dirty snow, or the really hard and icy stuff.

I really like the outcome of the collaborative work of Lilia, Haveit and me. Even though we have done work together, it can never be taken for granted that three artists - all in their own style and capacity - are able to do something that corresponds well and has a common message - especially if we also have to work on different timezones and RL-schedules. I am very glad that it worked out so well - and am very thankful for having such wonderful collaborators.

There is still time to see the work in Second Life. The link to the wonderful 'Lost Town'-sim is here.  If it takes you to the central landing point - just look for the town square with the caroussel in it. The palazzo has a big entrance - through which you can see the Winter Creatures

Thanks to Veyot our work has been preserved in the internet - in this wonderful machinina. Love it!

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