An Afternoon At Aeonia Arts

I am not always amused by group-invites from strangers. But today was different. On login I had an invite waiting for me from one Ally Aeon - a woman I was sure I had never heard of. Turns out later that I had visited one of her galleries in the past. Even before meeting up with her, though, I blindly entered the group. And by now I'm glad I did. Right after that I visited her sim called Aeonia Arts (link below). And I was blown away! It might look like just another Nature Park in SL for the first second. When you start exploring it, though, you will find a world of little themed areas which will each trigger a special set of feelings. The blend of sights and sounds are so natural and yet precisely crafted. But there is more to this lady than just being an awesome grid-artist. She also makes room for others to bloom and blossom, sharing the sim with them to display their work.

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