Pink Floyd's The Wall @ CARP

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I have already talked about CARP in an earlier entry here. And it was pretty clear that it wouldn't be my last visit to this fantastic place.
The group has staged many great performances already, as I have heard. There's been alot of talk about the reenactment of the Fritz Lang movie 'Metropolis'. And lately the buzz was on their version of Pink Floyd's infamous flick 'The Wall'. This friday i finally made it to their sim (after a few tries where it always said, the sim was already full!). And boy was I in for a show! It's a perfect mix of avatar-acting, prim-loading, particle-spreading and music. Everything just perfectly timed to the millisecond. There was even a whole airplane crashing into the sim. If anyone is stretching the possibilities of Second Life to its utmost limits, it's the people at CARP. Even if you are not a fan of Pink Floyd (which I can hardly believe) - 'The Wall V3' is a definite must-see.
If you haven't seen this mindblowing show at CARP, definitely save a friday for it. Usually runs at 2pm slt. But check in early, cause the sim is always full!

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