Burn2'11 opens on Saturday, October 1

It was just a few weeks ago that I packed my trailer and drove up the dusty road to the playa. Not much more than a few clouds of sand and some dried out plants waited there for me. I drove past the lonely ranger station and to the far end of the desert. At a suitable corner I layed down my first prim and claimed our plot for this year's "Burn".

Gradually prim by prim was hauled in over the coming days by many gifted residents. And the plots around me exploded in colors and movement. And also our plot slowly came to live.

Just a few hours before the opening of "Burn2'11", the Second Life version of the Burning Man Festival, the plot looks as finished as it could ever look after the short weeks of preparation. And I am excited to present it to you.

Together with my friends from the Aeonia Artists Group we created an installation called "In-Decisions" - in accordance to this year's Burn theme "Rites of Passage". Our approach is to present the path of live with its many waypoints and intersections. The viewer will have to take decisions at every step of the way - decisions that will affect their course of life.

The installation is dark - and colorful, earnest - and funny, sad - and happy. Just as life might be.
We are very excited about it! And I hope, you will like it too :)

So come visit us between October 1 and 9! See you at the playa and burn on!
Aeonia-Plot "In-Decisions" at Burn2'11

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