"Dreams & Nightmares" @ Kelly Yap's

The last weeks I have been busy setting up different exhibitions and I participated in a few contests. But at the center of my attention was the new Aeonia Artist Group exhibition at Kelly Yap's Art walk.

Togehter with Ally Aeon, lala Lightfoot, Harter Fall, Nik Gandt and Sea Mizin I set pout on a journey that should at some point lead us to the next big thing after the "AntVegas"-Trilogy.

This group exhibition should serve as a brainstorming for an exhibition that might end up as a full sim installation on the theme "Dreams & Nughtmares".

The notecard I wrote for the exhibition starts with a poem-like introduction:

"After a long day of hassle, we sink into our bed. Our head finally rests on that soft warm pillow. A fuzzy feeling spreads in our head as our muscles soften. Darkness falls heavily on our eyes. Our bedroom grows lager and larger and spreads out into our world of dreams….and nightmares…"

Kelly Yap allowed us to fill her whole gallery at Healy. All of us created new pieces and mixed them with older stuff we had on the theme. 

I created four big boards with scary faces, all featuring different aspects of yours truly. I also made a big string figure or marionette. I added one of my old weathered gods as well as the minimalistic art-piece "upright dream in black and white(almost)" I recently made for Asmita Duranjaya's contest.

Please come by and visit this fun exploration: "Dreams & Nightmares"

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