Help for Haiti

Stage: Condamnation 2
Originally uploaded by Moe Sandalwood

In January Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere, was hit by a disastrous earthquake. it has left towns in ruins and people suffering and struggling for survival. Milions of Dollars will be needed to rebuild what has been destroyed.
Many people have been touched by this disastrous event. A great number of artists in Second Life have donated some of their pieces to raise money. I have decided to join them - via the "Second Life Artists for Haiti"-Fundraiser - organized by Serenity Questi and Martine Lorefiled.
I have made a series of "stages" and pictures on the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. The pieces are based on pictures taken by rescue- and aid-staff, all set to creative commons by their respective owners.
I am showing them at my gallery and my art studio at Aeonia Arts. All proceeds will go to disaster relief organizations via the "second life artists for haiti"-fundraiser.
See them at: Aeonia Arts (use the door behind the stages to go to the gallery).

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