Fun with the Funky Feats

There is this thing about dancing in Second Life. My mind first couldn't really make anything out of it. It is one thing, running around in the Metaverse, flying, teleporting, even driving that fantastic bike. But having your Avatar moved around by some script? Sometimes even not your own script? At first that felt, as if someone had strings attached to my rl-limbs. Not an uplifting feeling.
Weird thing is, though, that I grew more and more fond of dancing in SL - for one thing probably, because it is one of the best ways to meet other people. What most residents seem to do, if they are not going about their business or their explorations (or...hm...the other thing...), is dancing at some club - so that's where they are at and where they are most relaxed to talk to.
And then came that night at Spiral Parx' (one of my best friends) club a few months ago. I saw those crazy people having lots of fun - line-dancing, for god's sake! But it was no river-dance-style bore. They had a real shakin' goin' on!
Being this free spirited i-have-my-own-animations-not-touching-that-dance-ball kind of dancer, I was a bit reluctant to accept Hevy Malibu's invitation to join them at first. But sure enough, curious me did anyway. Seconds later, having recieved a hat and a cane matching the color of my clothing, i sat on my own little white triangle in the lineup, handing my fate to Hevy and the other 'trainers'. And before the night was over, I was one of them - a member of Funky Feats - the craziest, funnest and most lovable dance-group/family in SL.
The Funky Feats are a loose group of people that meet for dancing - and having tons of fun doing it. The 'trainers' are constantly adding new dances to the routine, diverse and always matching the music. They talk to club-owners who seem to be really happy with the Funkys showing up, because they almost always draw a crowd of people with them. Which means the group is invited to a lot of beautiful venues in the grid. It's so much of a win-win-thing, because the Funkys can do what they love best, helping club-owners to get the word about their venues out there.
The uplifting spirit of the Funkys is always very welcome. Especially in moments like last night when the group honored an SL-resident that passed away, helping her friends cope by making them dance their sorrow away. The picture is from our white christmas 'Tribute to Brandi Basset Dance' at Paradise Country and Classic Rock Music Club.
If you have a special event at your venue, look up the Funky Feats in group-search and IM one of the 'trainers'. I am looking forward at spending a fun evening of fun dancing and socializing in your club!
The Link to Paradise Country and Classic Rock Music Club:

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