What I like about Mainland

I might never want to live there, because of lag, add-farm, ban-lines and neighbor issues. But there is something about Mainland in SL that makes it worth spending time on. It's the utter chaos that one runs accross every step of the way. The ever unfinished nature of it.
Time (and many times greed) has segmented the regions on the main continents into an infinite number of tiny lots. And thousands of those tiny lots have inhabitants trying to make the best of the little piece of land and the small numbers of prims they own. Houses neighbor gardens, neighbor clubs and shops in the utmost disorderly fashion. Nobody even tries to live according to a set theme. A castle is set between a 20th-century home, a cozy cave and a startrek-style future-home. And about everything inbetween. There is everything from the sl-firsthomes to costly prefabs, first tries at building ones own home to the precious success of coming build-masters.
There's clutter and garbage hanging in midair. Empty platforms and half-built skyboxes. Waterfalls at 100 meters coming out of nowhere whichs waters never touch ground. Cars, animals and other accessories floating high above ground seemingly trown up there by an invisible tornado. Much like a childs room just before mom takes out that big broom.
All it takes to explore this mess is time and a strong set of nerves, that can handle flying around all those ugly banlines and nasty security orbs. And every now and then one stumbles upon a little treasure, well hidden within all this mess. An outburst of creativity which might go unnoticed, if not found by chance.

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