The Restaurant at the End of the Galaxy

As a fan of Douglas Adams' 'Hitchhiker to the Galaxy' the visit to Extropia was exhilarating fun! The reason most people land here (mostly guys I suspect) is because they are looking for some kind of new aircraft. And for this, I suppose, Extropia must be one of the best places to look. Second Skies offers some of the greatest airplanes and airships I have seen in SL and a whole lot of other freaky flight objects for the kerosene-type of guy. But there is much more to see on this futuristic 3-sim-project. There is the architecture for one thing. All the huge buildings have a distintive lightness to them - no wonder some of them float in mid-air like the airships just above. But the reason why this sim should have a spot high up in the sl-spotlights is the space elevator. Look for the three steel ropes that head right up into the clouds - call the elevator - and take a trip into the stratosphere - or directly into space. That's where Douglas Adams comes in. At the end of the ropes there's a bar from which you have a fantastic look into space. Having a drink there feels every bit as being in the 'Restaurant at the End of the Universe'. Well, without all the sleazy aliens, mostly.

See more pictures at my flickr-Page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/moeuhane_sandalwood


Hylee Bekkers said...

I have really enjoyed reading your blog! Great Job!

Moeuhane Sandalwood said...

Thank you, Hylee :)