Hydrogen City

The name "Hydrogen City" caught my eye right away, when I checked some guy's picks. It had the sound of dark, neko, sleazy and yet metallically futuristic to it. It just sounded like a perfect picture-opportunity. The TP landed me in empty waterland. So much for hydrogen, I thought. Then I saw it glowing city-floor high above me in the air. Too bad I was in the middle of a No Fly Zone! Doesn't really stop a nosey SL-explorer, does it? Using some serious camera-muscle I stood in this huge city that was everything I expected and more (see flickr-stream). It's a mixture of dark urban neko, spaceship and downtown china. I'm not sure, though, they really like visitors their (completely empty) city. I had just completed my photo-session when falling through a hole in the ground, finding myself back in the waterland all over again. Still, checking the city out is worth the hassle. So try it yourself.

By the way...just a few feet away from the landing zone is a cylindric picture-screen showing a winter forrest. Try getting in there. You will find this amazing little winter wonderland. Although they must have some really defiant elfs living there. There's a bunch of stores - so you might think they would welcome some customers. Well, I found myself ejected from that little island before I could say hello. But hey, maybe they like your face better than mine...
This Link brings you into the city...evading the water (verified!): http://slurl.com/secondlife/Prosperine/106/154/227

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